Betting on the Jumbo Lottery: Everything you need to know

With a total prize of over 1 billion yen, the Jumbo Lottery is one of the most popular lotteries in the nation. Many bettors anticipate all of its five types occurring in different months in a year. 

In this XO Lotto article, discover all about the Jumbo Lottery—its types, the jackpots you can win and steps to buy a ticket. Keep reading and who knows, you might be the lucky bettor who wins the lottery.

What is the Jumbo Lottery?

The ‘Jumbo Lottery,’ also referred to as the ‘Jumbo Takarakuji,’ is a regular type of lottery in which the tickets already have predetermined numbers. You won’t get to choose the numbers per ticket unlike in Lotto numbers like Loto 6 and Loto 7

Each ticket costs 300 yen; it has two digits for the unit number and 6 digits for the main number. If your tickets match all drawn numbers, you win the first prize. If at least two digits match, you win a smaller prize.

It comprises five large-scale events conducted throughout the year, and mini-lotteries that happen more frequently. The ticket release, drawing schedule and prize pool differ for every lottery type. That’s why you should pay attention to notifications from the official Jumbo Lottery page.


Learning the different Jumbo Lottery types

Jumbo Lottery comes in different forms released and drawn on different months. Check out its variations and even mini lotteries in this Jumbo lottery-type list.

Main Jumbo Lottery types

The Jumbo Lottery comes in five main types, the Halloween Jumbo Lottery, Valentine Jumbo Lottery, Dream Jumbo, Summer Jumbo and the Year-end Jumbo. Among them, the Year-End Jumbo is the most popular for its total prize climbing to more than ¥1 billion. 

These lotteries are largely the ‘main events’ of the Jumbo Lottery, that’s why their prizes are the most substantial. Though they differ per issuance, the first prize is always in the hundreds of millions of yen, with the second prize in the tens of millions.

Check out the 1st prize, release and drawing dates for these types below:

  • Valentine Jumbo Lottery
    • 1st prize: ¥200 million
    • Ticket release date: February to March
    • Draw date: March
  • Dream Jumbo Lottery
    • 1st Prize: ¥300 million
    • Ticket release date: April to May
    • Draw date: June
  • Summer Jumbo Lottery
    • 1st prize: ¥500 million
    • Ticket release date: July to August
    • Draw date: August
  • Halloween Jumbo Lottery
    • 1st prize: ¥300 million
    • Ticket release date: October to November
    • Draw date: October
  • Year-end Jumbo Lottery
    • 1st prize: ¥700 million
    • Ticket release date: November to December
    • Draw date: December 31st

Jumbo Lottery variations

While the Jumbo Lottery offers cash prizes, the variations typically offer prizes like electronic devices, luxury items and even cars. In addition to the differences in prizes, these variations occur more frequently compared to the Main Jumbo Lottery and operate on a smaller scale.

Mini lotteries

Last but not least are the Mini Lotteries which occur the most frequently and have the smallest-scale prizes of the three. The first prize in these mini-lotteries reaches tens of millions of yen.

It has cheaper ticket prices and a faster turnaround time between ticket releases and drawings, which makes it popular among players. That’s why the mini-lottery is perfect for new lottery gamblers and gambling enthusiasts who don’t mind earning smaller rewards. 


How can I buy the Jumbo Lottery ticket in XO Lotto? 

You can purchase a Jumbo Lottery ticket at lottery offices or online at the official Takarakuji site and XO Lotto. Our accessible method lets you buy tickets without falling in line for a long time. Learn how you can buy a ticket and get a chance at winning the prize here.

Buying a ticket from the lottery office

There are many lottery ticket offices around Japan, making it easy to go out and buy one. The most common places to find these lottery ticket offices are near train stations or within commercial districts. 

Once you’ve located a legitimate office, go inside and tell the clerk that you’d like to purchase a Jumbo Lottery ticket. These places will normally accept cash payments, and after you’ve paid, you’ll receive a physical lottery ticket and be counted as a participant running for the prize money.

Buying a ticket online at Takarakuji official site

You can register at the official Takarakuji site to buy a ticket. However, you need to be at least 20 years old and living in Japan. Foreigners aren’t allowed to buy here, but they can do so at physical lottery offices.

Buying a ticket online at XO Lotto

Buying lottery tickets online is convenient when you buy from XO Lotto. Read below to see the step-by-step guide on how you can buy a ticket:

  1. Create an account

You’ll need an XO Lotto account to start. Luckily, it only takes a few minutes and clicks to finish the process. Enter the necessary details like an email password, full name, birthday and phone number. Once you’ve checked the information, click on the signup button to continue.

  1. Fund your account

Once you have your account set up, you’ll need money to buy a ticket. To do this, simply go to the checkout page and look for your preferred payment method. 

XO Lotto accepts a variety of payment methods like Visa, Mastercard, CashtoCode and even Bitcoin.  enter how much you want to add to your account. 

After that, make sure to enter your deposit amount and confirm the transaction. At this point, you can wait for the funds to be transferred and check through your profile page.

  1. Find the Jumbo Lottery and play

You now have a verified account and enough funds to play, which means you can enjoy playing the lotto to your heart’s content. Simply go to the ‘Lotteries’ section of XO Lotto, search for the Jumbo Lottery and buy a ticket. All that’s left to do is wait for the drawing date and see if you win.


Jumbo Lottery buying tips to maximise your luck

Now that you know more about the Jumbo Lottery, let’s look at some recommended tips and techniques you can use to make your gambling experience better. Follow these tips and you might win a prize!

  1. Set a lottery budget

Set aside money for the lottery and stick to it. Having a budget allows you to pace yourself when betting and keeps you from spending more than you can afford. Remember that there are other ways to gain money, such as playing scratch cards, other lottery games or luck-based casino games. 

  1. Always buy tickets for every Jumbo Lottery

Jumbo lotteries occur every few months or so. Once tickets are released for a Jumbo Lottery, buy as many tickets as your budget can afford. This increases your chances of winning since the cards are limited and are already predetermined. 

  1. Buy on lucky days 

Purchase tickets during auspicious days in the Japanese calendar. This can be during Taian, Tensha-bi and Ichiryu Manbai-bi, the luckiest day of the year. Many buy their tickets during these days so plan your purchase accordingly. 

  1. Bet on different lotteries

Making bets on several lotteries increases your chances of winning. Because each lottery game has its own set of odds and reward structures, engaging in multiple lotteries boosts your overall chances of winning.


Play the Jumbo Lotto on XO Lotto today!

The Jumbo Lottery is a fun and thrilling lottery to play, especially knowing that you have a chance to win such a big reward. Remember to check the Jumbo Lottery price and use the combo of tips provided like tracking your budget, diversifying your bets and betting on auspicious days. 

All these strategies can enrich your gambling experience and hopefully land you a win. With that in mind, go bet, wait for the lotto result and see if you’re the lucky winner!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I participate in the Jumbo Lottery? 

Joining the Jumbo Lottery is easy! All you have to do is buy a ticket from a legitimate seller. You won’t have to choose numbers and combinations since they’re already predetermined. Once done, you’ll be formally registered as a participant. 

When are the Jumbo Lottery drawings held? 

The Jumbo lottery drawings are held throughout various times of the year. These are often televised and announced ahead of time, making them hard to miss.

What are the different types of Jumbo Lotteries available?

Valentine Jumbo Lottery, Dream Jumbo, Summer Jumbo, Halloween Jumbo, and the Year-end Jumbo are the main Jumbo Lottery events available. There are also variations and mini-lotteries to participate in.

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